The word “consumed” has been constantly running though my mind lately. I think its because I have been realizing more and more that my life’s meaning is based on what consumes me. And unfortunately…it’s not a good thing as of late.

Think about it. Everyone reading this right now is consumed with something or someone that is their driving force of their life. This thing becomes what we live for and ends up being the meaning of our existence. Yet, as I’m finding out, the results of this can lead us to a path of disappointment, discouragement, and emptiness.

For me, one of the things that consumes me is what people think of me. For those keeping score, this is what you would call a “people pleaser.” Sure, on the outside I may seem tough and not care what others think of me. But, deep down in my soul, I am craving the approval of people to the point where I compromise who I am and what I believe. All so that people like me. (Side note: One of my favorite quotes on this subject is by Elenaor Roosevelt. She says, “You wouldn’t worry so much about what others think of you if you realized how seldom they do.” Maybe I should take her advice more often…)

You may resonate with me and find yourself pleasing people on a daily basis and losing your identity in the process. Or, maybe you can relate with one of the following:

You become consumed with your appearance…yet, your never satisfied with the way you look.
Your become consumed with your job…but, you lack contentment and are always looking for “the next best thing.”
You become consumed with finding that “special someone”…and your life feels worthless until you meet that right person.
You become consumed with yourself…and you end up forgetting the true meaning of life.

I write this not to discourage you or I, but to give us hope. Hope that life DOES NOT have to be like this if you choose to be consumed by something else.

As I look at Jesus, He was consumed. Consumed with God the Father and only pleasing Him. Consumed with bringing God glory with His life. Consumed with love, mercy, truth, and grace. Consumed with a purpose to love God and love others more than He loved Himself.

The result of His life? Hope. Hope for you and I that we CAN live a consumed life. A life that means something. A life with purpose. A life that matters.

A life consumed with Jesus.



5 Responses to “Consumed.”

  1. Tammy Gilchrist Says:

    I enjoyed reading this, Eric! I love that quote by Elenaor Roosevelt! I think I am going to have to copy that!

    • Karee Hasty Says:

      Love reading your blogs! They touch me somehow everytime, makes me think more about my purpose and how I can please God. I , myself, is consumed in the wrong things I am suppose to be consumed with. Keep on posting!

  2. Aunt Kellie Says:

    so very true….we do all get consumed. This is excellent. I’m totally stealing that quote from you! Thank you for sharing!!!

  3. Lisa Smith Says:

    So true!!! And once we get to the point in our lives when we realize, our lives, are meant to be lived for God it is so much easier to be consumed with him! And how freeing it is to live without the mental exhaustion of trying to please others or control the outcome of how we think things should be around us…

  4. I like your mind and your heart. Thank you for loving Jesus.

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