That’s Not Fair!

When I was a senior at Cedarville University, I was in a youth ministry class that I really liked. Not only did I enjoy going to this class, I also liked doing all of the reading and homework that came with taking the class (crazy, I know). I remember working hard on all of the assignments and ended up getting A’s on everything I did. Needless to say, I earned an “A” at the end of the semester.

On the last day of class, our professor came in and did something that no other professor had ever done in my 4 years of college. He passed out a piece of paper that read the following: “Write down the grade that you think you deserve for this class.” Our entire class thought he was playing a practical joke on us, but as he stood there explaining what he wanted us to do, we could tell that he was not kidding around.

As I looked at my piece of paper and reflected on what I did in the class, I was confident that I deserved an “A” and wrote that down on the piece of paper. Yet as I looked around, I saw others that I knew did not work as hard as I did. They missed papers, didn’t do all their reading, failed to show up to class all the time, etc. I knew they did not deserve an “A” or even a “B” for that matter! So, when the professor delivered the following statement to the class, I was furious to say the least.

He said to us, “Some of you have done all of the work and deserve an “A”. Others of you have not finished your work and have not shown up for class, which means you do not deserve an “A”. However, even though the entire class has not earned an “A”, I am giving everyone in the class an “A” regardless if you deserve one or not.” No jokes. No kidding around. Our professor just announced that the guy who deserved a “D” in the class is getting the same grade as me, even though I did all the work and earned an “A”!

I was fuming. I couldn’t believe it. People in the class were as upset as I was. I remember thinking, “That’s not fair! We earned an “A” and they didn’t! What are you doing?” However, to this day, I remember the words that came out of my professor’s mouth that changed my entire perspective of life and God forever. This is what he said: “The definition of grace is getting what you do not deserve. Through Christ, regardless of one’s performance, everyone gets an “A”. Don’t you see? Grace says that even though you don’t deserve a relationship with God, you still receive one through Jesus! Just like those in here who do not deserve an ‘A’, they get one. Not because of their grade or what they haven’t done, but because what God has done- eliminating the grading scale through Christ. This is grace.” Everyone left the class humbled that day, realizing the true meaning of grace.

You see, God’s grace, which is unearned and undeserved, destroys a grading scale. Just like we can’t earn God’s love for doing good things, we also can’t lose God’s love because of what we have done wrong. It’s not about our performance -it is about His! And Jesus’ performance on the Cross is perfect-taking our sins and dying for them so we can have a relationship with God-now and for Eternity. Even though we don’t deserve it, He gives it. Freely. Unconditional. Through Jesus.

Therefore, if someone were to say, “that’s not fair” in regards to Grace, they would be right. It’s not fair. Be thankful for that today.


3 Responses to “That’s Not Fair!”

  1. Andrew Renke Says:

    I remember that day like it was yesterday Eric. I was one of those who probably didn’t deserve an “A” but I certainly left humbled as well. An awesome example of God’s grace for us.

  2. Eric, This is absolutely WONDERFUL! Thank you!!!

  3. esther Says:

    a valuable lesson for all of us

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