My New Year’s Resolution.

2012 is almost here. A new year. A fresh start. This can only mean one thing: It’s time to start making new years resolutions!

Most people come to the end of a year with their sight on making new goals for the next year. Whether it’s stopping smoking, losing weight, or finally getting organized, people look at January 1st as a launching point to better themselves. Typically, I fall into the category of making a resolution; usually, if I am honest, I end up breaking the resolution by the end of the week (sometimes by the end of the day!). With that being said, I AM going to make a resolution this year- this one may be my gutsiest, boldest resolution of all time. Ready for it? Here it is: My resolution for 2012 is to NOT make a New Year’s resolution.

Okay so maybe that doesn’t make complete sense so let me try to explain my “non-resolution” resolution. Too often, I trick myself into thinking that if I make a resolution (i.e. becoming a nicer person or cleaning off my desk at work) and stick to it, then my life will actually become better. And it is true: if I was a bit nicer to people or actually cleaned off my desk, my life would be a little less complicated. But, as life continues and my resolutions fade into the back of my mind, my resolution to be nice to people will fade and my once clean desk will be filled with  books,coffee cups, and papers. The once heart-driven “resolution to change my life for the long run” turns into something that comes and goes as quickly as a fog lifts in the early morning.

If you are one that is a New Year’s resolution maker, please know that I do not mean to offend you. Rather, instead of simply making a resolution that will probably be broken within a few days, go beyond yourself and think big. Resolve to getting real with God and surrendering yourself to His plan on a daily basis. Resolve to loving your family, your friends, and everyone else as much as you love yourself. Resolve to becoming obsessed with meeting others’ needs. Resolve to letting go of the past and not worrying about the future. And, above all, resolve to knowing that Jesus’ death and resurrection on our behalf proves that our life isn’t beyond God’s love for us.

Okay, so maybe I do have a few New Year’s resolutions in mind (Great! I already broke my “non-resolution” resolution and it isn’t even 2012 yet!)


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